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Is paddleboarding dangerous?
Paddleboarding is a sport, and one must always take safety precautions and practice awareness. All the professionals today racing internationally were trained before. And your safety is always part of the training and is always prioritized by training institutions. While you’d be paddleboarding first time with your Costco paddle board, your instructors will provide you all the strong points that you need to take care of before you even get into the ocean. All in all, safety is always taken very seriously, and it’s number 1 priority for every instructor, not just you. 

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What are the age limits, and which board is good for different ages?
Simple answer is anyone can paddle from age 4  to age 90. There are so many people who start learning at the age of 70. It’s one of the way building your strength, or taking care of ones body. About the type, you can always find various people talking about Inflatable paddle board vs solid which are the most common types. It is believed that inflatable are the most preferred boards used for beginners. They are easy to stand on and make the surfing convenient.

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What happens if their is inclement weather?
Nothing much happens unless it’s a severe storm. Normally, you’d be able to go training on any day. You should always call your instructors before leaving. They may guide you better.

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