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Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – 5 Troubleshooting Steps for a Broken AC

Have you ever noticed that every time your systems run into an issue, tiny or major, you call a technician; he visits your house, resolves your problem in a few minutes, and makes hundreds of dollars out of you?

You think every task they perform is worth that much money?

Not really!

Although not everyone is stealing you, some have just higher service charges because of their reasons, and you have all the right to choose someone else.

But is there any way we can save that money?

Of course!

No one is born with skills, I believe. So you can always start from the basics. Say your air conditioner won’t turn on… Ask yourself, “Do you really need to call a professional of HVAC from Goose Creek, SC? Can’t you do anything on your own?”

I would say, “Yes, you can… Matter of fact anyone can…”

We shall guide you, and you start troubleshooting, and within a few minutes, you would know if the problem is severe, or you can handle it by yourself. According to many HVAC experts, 70 percent chances are you will resolve it on your own without having to call anyone.

Let’s discuss how…

Step 1: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – Check Your Thermostat

Thermostat is a very important device to save your energy. However, it has to be configured properly. One must know that if you are keeping the temperature of the thermostat cool, make sure you reduce to at least three degrees below the room temperature; on then it will start to provide enough cooling.

Few steps for a better configuration for your air conditioner. Firstly, check if the thermostat has the power. If it works on batteries, you need to replace the batteries. Once you have done that, try to switch on the AC now. If it does not work still, we will check the air filter.

Step 2: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On?  Check Your AC Air Filter

Air filter in the AC is the most sensitive component, yet it does a pretty big job: keeps the dust from going inside the air conditioner. So it does its job in the outer part, how can it be responsible for turning off of the AC?

Well, if the air filter is clogged, the cool air flowing from the coil will keep getting colder because it will not have a way out, and, eventually, it will freeze, making the air conditioner to turn off.

So what should you do?

Just clean the air filter of your AC every now and then – it is as simple as that. Cleaning the air filter and replacing them on time increases the efficiency of your air conditioner in the long run.

Step 3: My AC Unit Won’t Turn On – Check Your Circuit Breakers

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, your circuit breaker must have tripped.

But do not panic! It is not too bad as it sounds. Rather you are lucky if it happened to you.

A circuit breaker in your home is a safety feature that powers off any electrical device if it is supplied more than enough amp than it can take, hence, it trips. If in case the circuit breaker does not trip in that while, the high amp supply may cause to burn your appliance.

Locate your AC’s circuit breaker on the main power supply of your home and switch it on. If it is already on, turn the breaker off and wait a while before switching it back on.

Key thing to FOCUS: do not turn on the circuit breaker if it repeatedly trips. This may cause the risk of firing up. Make sure you call a local Goose Creek heating and air conditioning systems’ professional to guide you through the whole process.

Step 4: Air Conditioner Isn’t Working – Check Your AC Drain Pan

You may have seen a pan under your air conditioner. This is called a drain pan that accumulates any residual condensation that air conditioning systems do not drain out. Sometimes, the drain is clogged, filling the drain pan up top, which triggers the float switch to turn off your AC. You need to clean out the drains; otherwise, your air conditioner won’t turn on. Once you are done clearing the clogged drain, turn the float switch back to its original position.

How can you clear the drains?

Clearing out the drain is as easy as blowing from your mouth, only it has to be a bit harder, and sort of disgusting. You can always use a high-pressured blower to clear out the drains. Whatever you do, the purpose is to open the clogged drain.

Step 5: AC Won’t Turn On – Check the AC Shutoff Switch

It may not be a technically advanced solution, but I would be lying if I said people do not forget to check if their air conditioning system’s switch is turned off. It happens way more than you can imagine.

People often forget because this switch is rarely used. Every technology now is remote controlled, so nobody remembers if a switch can make them suffer.

So if you have not yet looked at the main light switch of your air conditioner, it should be somewhere around the indoor unit of your AC. It may be switched off by any of the kids while playing.

All of the above solutions are basic. It is like programming if you are familiar with coding: you would solve the hardest algorithm, yet you will forget to add a semicolon.

If the above solutions did not work for you, make sure you contact a local HVAC technician. I say local because it becomes easier to stay in touch with them anytime you want.

We request you if you find a solution other than the ones listed above, please feel free to reach out to us, so we can add your knowledge and experience to help more people together. We would be more than happy to give you credits.

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